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the paradise tropical garden

Golfito/Rio Claro, Costa Rica
Telephone:  011-(506)-789-8746

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The Beatham family invites you to visit The Paradise Tropical Garden and also enjoy the exposition and talk of tropical fruits and remedies which is setup on tables at the entrance to the garden. The garden was started in 2001 and each year has been expanded and improved. The visit to the garden can be as short or as long as you want but most people stay for at least two hours. We usually give a brief history of the United Fruit Company, why the company closed the banana operation and planted African palm oil and the production of palm oil in the region today.

It is with a bunch of African palm oil that we start to make our trip around the first half of the table which we call the "Tropical Fruit See, Smell, Taste, and Touch Experience".  You will see many new fruits and flowers such as ornamental bananas, smell flowers such as ylang-ylang which is used in France to make the perfume Channel #5, taste the mamey which tastes like pumpkin pie, and touch like the soft skin of the velvet apple.  After the fruit experience we take a short walk through part of the garden to where African oil palms are growing and the workers will show you how the bunches of palm oil are harvested from the tall palms. After this short break we return to the table to see the tropical plants which are used to make the many different remedies. Most of the remedies are remedies which are often used by the local older population. Many remedies which have been passed down for generations are now not being used by the younger people and many are being lost. Most remedies are quite simple to make and many people find some of then are very helpful.  After the table we will take you through the garden where you will see many tropical plants, fruits, and flowers; such as, bananas, heliconias, gingers, palms, bamboos, crotons, calatheas, ixoras, aralias, cordylines, exotic fruits, medicinal plants, etc.  The paths through the garden are wide and clean and the plants are well marked; that is, (1) With the common English name, (2) the botanical name, (3) the common Spanish name.

Over an open fire called a “fogón” some local foods are cooked for you to try as the talks on fruits and remedies are going on. These include the likes of boiled and fried plantains, boiled and fried cassava, boiled green bananas, green banana chips, ceviche made from green bananas, boiled peach palm. If you would like to stay for lunch we would be more than happy to make you a typical plate.

The garden is open from 6:00am to 5:00 pm everyday but the table with the fruits and remedies is only set up if you call the day before. We recommend that you visit the garden in the morning as it usually rains in the afternoons. When we set up the table of fruits and remedies we try to give the talks between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. If you have a large group or specific interests, please call so we can make special arrangements.



As has been our policy in the past there is no set charge, however if you enjoy yourself and would like to leave a contribution in the “Thank You Box” to cover costs and continue the works in the garden it would be greatly appreciated.

Rainforest Remedies & Local Folklore....
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Paradise Tropical Garden
Owner:  Robert Beatham
Apartado 30-8200
Río Claro, Costa Rica
Telephone 789-8746
Contact: Ella Beatham

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