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Note: These remedies are from local folklore and have not been scientifically

tested. Check with your doctor before taking any new medication or herbal remedies.


Sample of Some of the Remedies


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Remedy For:  Diabetes.

 Ingredients used:   The plant called The Wandering Jew.

     The botanical name is Tradescantia zebrine.

 Preparation of the ingredients:  The most common way it is used is

     to make a cup of tea using three leaves of The Wandering Jew.

     Other people find it bothersome to make the tea and instead they                                  

     eat one leaf of The Wandering Jew in place of the cup of tea.

 Dosage:   Drink three cups of tea per day or eat one leaf three times

     a day.

 Results to be expected.  For most people this remedy will help lower

     their blood sugar level.   It will help so much that many people

     have been able to stop injecting themselves with insulin.

 Source of remedy:   Local folklore.

 Note:   When we are diabetic and under a doctors care it is best to

     keep the doctor informed of changes we would like to try.

     If you are diabetic or have high blood sugar be sure to check

     your blood sugar often when making any changes in your

     treatment or diet.



Remedy For:     Back pains caused by a “Slipped Disc”.

 Ingredients used:  The bracts of the Red Plume Ginger.  The

     botanical name of Red Plume Ginger is Alpinia purpurata.

     A bottle of 70% ethyl alcohol or common rubbing alcohol

     is needed.

 Preparation of ingredients:   The bracts of the Red Plume

     Ginger are pulled off one by one and stuffed into a clean   

     bottle of about 8 ounces.   When the bottle is full of bracts

     the alcohol is poured over the bracts to fill the bottle

     completely.   This mixture is left to set for at least three

     days before it is used.   This mixture is called a tincture.


Dosage:    Rub the affected area of the back with liberal

     amounts of the tincture several times a day.  In bad cases

     the tincture can be used every two hours for quicker



Results to be expected:   After one or two days of this remedy

     one should begin the feel better and after several days they

     will begin to feel like their old self.   A bottle of this remedy

     will keep for mouths and if one does have a history of

     having back problems it is best to keep a bottle on hand.


Source of remedy:   Local folklore.


Note:  A “slipped disc” is not really a slipped disc, it is a ruptured

     disc or cushion.  These cushions or discs consist of a tough,

     fibrous outer layer surrounding a soft interior.   These cushions 

     or discs are located between the vertebrae and act as cushions.

     When the discs or cushions rupture the soft interior material

     protrudes out of the disc and presses against the spinal cord

     and the sciatic nerve which can cause very much pain in the

     back and can affect the legs also.

Red Plume Ginger – Alpinia purpurata


Remedy For High Blood Pressure. 

Ingredients used:   The leaves from the avocado tree.

     The botanical name is Persea americana.

Preparation of the ingredients:   Three leaves are boiled in three

     and one half cups of water for three or four minutes then left

     to steep for two or three minutes.  When it has cooled the                       

     decoction can be strained and stored it the refrigerator.

     From the three and one half cups of water we started with we

     should have about three cups of strained drink or decoction.     


Dosage:  Drink three cups of the decoction per day.


Results to be expected:  For most people this remedy will help lower

     their blood pressure.


Source of remedy:  Local folklore.   Most books on medicinal plants

     also mention this remedy.


Note:   The decoction of avocado leaves is diuretic and is also used

     to lower cholesterol and high blood sugar.

** Care must be used with this remedy as it is an emmenagogue.

     An emmenagogue is a substance that stimulates, initiates, and/or

     promotes menstrual flow.  The decoction is also an abortifacient;

     that is, a substance that induces abortion.

     “Pregnant women should not use this remedy.” ­


Avocado leaves Persea Americana




Remedy For Stomach Ulcer or Peptic Ulcer.

Ingredients used: The seeds from the bright red pods of annatto which is called achiote in Spanish. The botanical name is Bixa orellana

Preparation of ingredients: The seeds are removed from the pods. The red paste which surrounds the seeds is washed off and the seeds are then dried. The Indians used to use the red paste which surrounds the seeds to paint their bodies, today it is used to make red food coloring.

Dosage: Three dried seeds are ground and added to the food in the morning and three more to the food in the evening. The dried ground seeds are eaten for two weeks. Some people do not dry or grind the seeds but eat then fresh from the pod after they have been washed.

Results to be expected: For most people this simple remedy is so good that they will no longer be bothered by their stomach ulcer. It is well accepted that most stomach ulcers are caused by a bacteria. The name of the bacteria is Helicobacter pyloi. Most doctors use antibiotics to treat stomach ulcers.




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